GTS in the News
Be sure to check out San Jose local news KTVU's feature on the Blue Archer Graffiti Tracking System
Graffiti Tracking System

Blue Archer's Graffiti Tracking System (GTS) is a centralized, web-based application that helps multiple users document instances of graffiti crime, manage investigations, track graffiti removal requests and compile actionable intelligence - all through the Internet!


GTS represents an effective strategy to manage graffiti crime data and ultimately to stop graffiti vandalism in its tracks. Here you can learn more about the features and benefits of using GTS, as well as how you can easily and cost-effectively deploy this asset in support of your anti-graffiti mission.

Who should use GTS?

Blue Archer originally developed GTS as a custom application for the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, but now the software is available to clients throughout the world.

GTS is designed for use by any organization that is fighting graffiti crime.  Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, Public Works Departments, Railways, Local and State Officials- all can use GTS as a tool to fight graffiti crime.  Since the application is accessed through the Internet, any authorized user can open or modify a case tracking an incidence of graffiti - from the initial report through clean-up and prosecution.